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Industrial phones with keyboard

Hardened and anti-corrosion

Our industrial phones are integrated in an anti-corrosive reinforced aluminum shell. They are equipped with a double self-closing door position allowing a complete protection against dust and moisture. The result is a highly reliable product with an excellent MTBF. Our molded polyurethane compound, was specially designed for intensive use.


The phone RA708 is especially suitable for the railroad , metro, tram, airport, power plants, Oil & Gas and other heavy industries, requiring an important level of availability and reliability.

Available in yellow or gray, our process of paint protects against premature aging of the envelope, its discoloration and facilitates cleaning. There are various mounting options, wall or prop.

Quick and easy installation thanks to a press M20 packings and connectors with fast connection. All these connections are accessible without removing the body of the device.

Technical features

Speech/ Network Interface:
EN 301 437 V1.1.1 [Manufactured to TBR21 TBR38]
Frequency modulated, Piezo transducer, cadence as per incoming ringing. REN 1.0
Power Supply:
Line powered, 10mA min.
Time out:
Selectable 0-10 minutes
Operating: -30° C to +60° C
Storing: -40° C to +70° C
Relative Humidity:
Up to 95% (non-condensing)
Casing Material:
Robust cast aluminuim.
Standard Yellow or Grey durable powder coat.
Externally connected keypad matrix.
Manufactured to BS EN 60950
Dust and Liquids to BS 5490: 1977 IP55
Handset ‘Wrench’ Test:
Curly Cord: 18kg Max. Armoured Cord: 150kg Max.