Collect & add value
to your architecture’s data

Expert in both IT and IoT sectors, MIOS designs, deploys and maintains complete, interoperable and scalable solutions.
Our team contributes to your digital transformation and helps you to develop an effective facility management strategy.

Datas in the service of
operational efficiency

IoT solution

Make existing connected

Our IoT experts will make your existing infrastructure connected while assuring high-standard security. We design side by side a solution suited to your level of demand. We will accompany you during part or the totality of the project, from gathering to analysis of the data.


Simplify infrastructure operation

MIOS’ agnostic supervision solution makes it possible to centralize all your technical equipment in order to get a global view of your infrastructure. We design intuitive user interfaces to simplify operation and develop sites’ performance.

IT & Security VoIP

Demanding performance

Expert in IP technologies, MIOS is a security telephony French leader. Our solution guarantees equipment availability and service continuity, enabling optimum operation of your security system.


Estimate & shape your protection strategy

In collaboration with our IT & IoT teams, our cybersecurity experts elaborate “Secure by Design” solutions. Regarding your usage and assets, MIOS helps you find the means to implement in order to secure your infrastructure.

Latest News

IoT Actualité du 1 mars 2021 Garantir un temps de trajet constant, quel que soit le trafic

En 2014, MIOS est sollicité par la Communauté du Pays d’Aix (CPA) dans le cadre d’un projet visant à garantir le temps de parcours et la régularité des transports en commun ...

IoT Actualité du 25 février 2021 L'IoT au service de la qualité de l'eau dans les pays en voie de développement

Aujourd'hui, nous voyageons jusqu'en Afrique pour vous faire découvrir la solution OSHUN Connect. Imaginée par notre pôle R&D d'Aix-en-Provence en partenariat avec la société OSHUN, ...

IoT Actualité du 10 décembre 2020 Mettre en place un projet IoT à un coût raisonnable

Vous souhaitez amorcer votre transformation vers l'Industrie 4.0 ou poursuivre vos efforts de digitalisation ? Vous avez identifié des leviers technologiques (objets connectés, supervi...

Regain control
on your infrastructure

valoriser l'existant

Add value to your existing infrastructure

Relying on both business and field expertise, our team designs performing and cost-effective solutions enabling better management of existing equipment and adding value to your own offer.

S'adapter à vos usages

Adapting to your users and your usage

We deploy performing and intuitive tools, designed with your operational teams in order to simplify site operation and add value to your infrastructure as well.


Accompany your development

By developing interoperable, scalable and secure solutions by design, our experts make it possible to deal with infrastructure evolution in total freedom.


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